Oh man, do I like the margherita pizza with buffalo mozzarella at Settebello.

I first visited Blacktop coffee a few months ago when I was working nearby. It’s such a great little place, I always look forward to stopping in when I’m in the area.

Public School is great stop for lunch. I’ll definitely be back for their take on bangers & mash.

J Nichols scores major points for being walkable. In fact we used to come here before, when it was a Cocos style family diner. They kept the weekday specials concept but otherwise it was a complete transformation, like a Phoenix from the ashes of bad omelette diners. The staff is neighborly and the food is often just what we are craving. Thanks for being a great local spot.

Fishing with Dynamite rocks. If you like beer, egg, and vanilla, try the branding iron. The oysters and fish tacos are excellent.

Pinches Tacos is a great little oasis in a sea of shops and merchandise. Try the carne asada and the nopal, they are delicious!

Earl’s Gourmet Grub. During the week it’s a great place to have a bite and get some work done.


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Danner & Benchmade

Two Oregon based companies with great designs and craftsmanship.   

Swedish Steel

Gransfors Bruks small forest ax